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ZeoPet Iodine for Puppies


ZeoPet-Iodine for Puppies (special grind and mineral composition)

ZeoPet-Iodine is a complex nutritional supplement for pets with zeolite and seaweeds (special composition for puppies of different breeds).

ZeoPet-Iodine is produced from natural high-quality zeolite mineral in a special spatial configuration – clinoptilolite – and processed seaweeds (Japanese kelp / Laminaria japonica).

ZeoPet Iodine is an effective natural sorbent (cleaner), ion exchanger and source of biologically active essential substances, microelements and special pigments.

When ZeoPet-Iodine enters the animal’s digestive tract, it improves the excretion process of dangerous low-molecular pollutants and toxins, normalizes and enriches mineral metabolism, and restores metabolism.

By absorbing heavy metals, radionuclides, inorganic toxins and waste of various geneses, zeolite provides the animal’s body with essential microelements and valuable mineral components.

The seaweed (laminaria japonica) components of ZeoPet Iodine actively assist the restoration of metabolism and normalization of thyroid function. In addition, the seaweeds’ biologically active components (protein and minerals) support the development and restoration of bone tissue, strengthen the immune system, and improve the animal’s exterior (fur quality and its color richness).

ZeoPet-Iodine for Puppies nutritional supplement is based on natural zeolite: a mineral that improves and benefits several positive processes in the body, such as:

  • Improvement of the puppies’ digestive system and accelerated growth
  • General improvement of the immune status and strengthening of resistance to certain diseases (fungal and bacterial etiology)
  • Normalization and enrichment of the mineral balance, which becomes visible in the improved quality and color of the fur
  • Removal or significant relief of allergic reactions
  • Protection and normalization of thyroid function
  • Improvement of the cardiovascular system against the intensive formation of bone tissue
  • In combination with its organic components (laminaria japonica seaweed), ZeoPet Iodine’s effect as an efficient sorbent (cleaner) improves not only the digestive system and thyroid function, but also has a positive effect on the animal’s overall exterior and increases its trainability

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