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About Us

Mineral Medix Corp. is a research and manufacturing company for natural health vitamins and supplements. Incorporated in 2014, the company currently operates form Canada and manufactures and sells numerous supplements in a variety of product lines.

The Company’s researchers have created and continually develop a whole new line of extremely effective and unique products, covering practically all parts of the human’s body and composed from the ingredients working as a “team” and not as a simple combination of useful and known ingredients. Our products are targeting different diseases and different body parts, but the main goal of all the products is supporting men and women health.

 Mineral Medix Corp. uses exclusively natural mineral supplements in manufacturing of its products. No chemically manufactured supplements are being used in any of the Company’s products. In total, more than 300 pharmacies, nutrition stores and nutrition specialists are currently on the Company’s customer list with more than 100 outlets purchasing the company’s products on a regular basis.

Now, the Company's products are available online and could be shipped to any location in Canada and U.S.