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ZeoPet for Puppies


ZeoPet – Canine for Puppies (special grind and mineral composition)

ZeoPet – a complex nutritional supplement for pets (special grind for puppies of different breeds). It’s produced from high-quality natural mineral – Zeolite – in a particular spatial configuration – Clinoptilolite.

ZeoPet – an effective natural sorbent, ion exchanger and catalyst, which assists the rapid formation and growth of the animal’s organs and organ systems.

When zeolite enters the animal’s digestive tract, it improves the process of excretion of dangerous low-molecular waste and toxins and normalizes and enriches mineral metabolism, which is especially crucial during the animal’s growth and organism shaping.

By absorbing heavy metals, radionuclides, inorganic toxins and waste of various geneses, zeolite provides the animal’s body with essential microelements and valuable mineral components.

Zeolite’s structure resembles a mineral sponge that is capable of removing potentially pathogenic inorganic components from the animal’s body, while also enriching and stimulating mineral metabolism.

Based on natural zeolite, ZeoPet nutritional supplement improves and benefits the complete complex of positive processes, such as:

  • Improvement of the digestive system, as well as support of the rapid formation of organs and organ systems in the growing animals.
  • General improvement of the immune status and strengthening of resistance to certain diseases.
  • Normalization and enrichment of the mineral balance, which becomes visible in the improved quality of skin, fur and skeletal structure.
  • Removal or significant relief of allergic reactions.
  • Prevention and protection of the animal’s liver and kidneys from the destructive effects of mineral imbalance and toxic impact low-molecular free radicals.
  • In combination with its mineral components, Zeolite’s effect as an efficient sorbent (cleaner) can have a positive effect on the animal’s dynamics and quality of the puppy’s growing body.

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