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Hoof Doctor

Hoof Doctor

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A unique product based on Birch Bark Extract with Organic Oils, including Omega 3, Vitamins A & D, for Professional Care of Horses’ Hooves!

  • Helps to eliminate hooves sensitivity
  • Improves the quality and elasticity of the horn hoof plate
  • Prevents loss of natural moisture of the hoof
  • Strengthens the keratinization process (keratoplastic effect)
  • Has antibacterial properties (kills most bacteria, including tubercle bacillus and anthrax spores) and has an antifungal effect
  • Prevents thrush (rotting hoof frog)
  • Has an antiseptic effect
  • Has an antiparasitic impact
  • Has an insecticidal impact
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Stops destruction of the hoof horn from external factors, such as:
    • Cooling / overheating
    • Mechanical injury (hoof cleavage)
    • Excessive dryness or humidity
  • Prevents bacteria and fungi from getting through the hoof

      Hoof Doctor Helps Fight the Following Horse Hoof Problems:

      • Thrush and Cankers
      • Quarter Crack and Sheared Heels
      • Hoof Wall Cracks
      • Corns and Sole Bruises
      • Hoof Abscesses
      • Seedy Toe / White Line Disease
      • Laminitis or Founder

      Suitable for all hoof types in all weather conditions.

      Based on All-Natural Ingredients:
      • Birch Bark Extract
      • Organic Omega-3 Oil
      • Vitamin A & D
      • Other 100% Natural Active Ingredients
      Alkaloids Insect repellent
      Betulin / Butulinol Powerful antiseptic effect against most viruses, bacteria and fungi. Hepatoprotector, a stabilizer of blood fats, anti-inflammatory component
      Catechin Very strong antioxidant and bactericidal component
      Cresol Antiseptic, disinfectant. Similar effect to Phenol
      DHA – Docosahexaenoic Acid Has an anti-inflammatory effect. Supports muscle recovery after exercise. Supports blood circulation.
      EPA – Eicosapentaenoic Acid Reducing cellular inflammation
      Essential oils Antiseptic
      Gaultherin Powerful wound healing and disinfecting component
      Glycosides Used to accelerate all metabolic processes in tissues and the body
      Guaiacol Antiseptic, safe to use in the food industry and cosmetology
      Leukanthocyanins Flavanoid, has an antimicrobial, antifungal effect
      Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids Fight inflammation, improve bones by boosting the amount of calcium in bones.
      Phenol Bacteriostatic, analgesic, antiseptic
      Resinous substances Builds and repairs healthy tissue
      Suberin Fluid trapping substance, great for dry hoofs
      Tannins Significantly inhibit bacterial growth
      Triterpene alcohol Anti-inflammatory component
      Vitamin A Immune booster. Promotes tissue repair and grow of healthy skin and hair. Helps to maintain healthy hoofs and bones.
      Vitamin D Immune booster. Reduces inflammation, promotes strong bones

      Non-caustic formulation & no harmful or petroleum-based products.


        • 473 ml / 16 fl.oz.

        Mode of Application:

        1. Clear the hoof of visible mud/ordure.
        2. Ensure the hoof is clean and dry.
        3. Apply the product generously with the supplied brush to the hoof sole and walls.

        Apply three (3) times a week.
        To treat severe conditions, apply twice a day for at least a week.


        In all cases involving hoof conditions, diseases, or injuries, your veterinarian along with your farrier are your best sources for information about your horse and your particular circumstances.

        Storage Instructions:

        Store in a dry place in a tightly sealed package at above freeze temperature. Keep away from children.

        Product shelf life: 3 years.


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