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Zeolite 6

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Improve Your Mineral & Salt Balance!

Blood Vessels Guard

Instructions for Use:
Use as biologically active food supplement, i.e. source of tannin, mineral substances (mangan, iron), zeolite. It improves the mineral metabolism and digestive system.

Zeolite 6 is recommended for use under the following conditions:

  • blood pressure, vegeto-vascular dystonia
  • increased breakage of capillary vessels, reduced blood coagulation
  • infectious diseases
  • chronic hemorrhage (bleeding) – uterus, hemorrhoids etc.
  • fibroids and mastopathy (taking in combination with Zeolite 7 for no less than 4 months)
  • spring intake is recommended to prevent the seasonal breakage of capillary vessels and varicose.

Does not cause allergies and does not have terrato-genic, embrio-toxic, mutagenic & cancero-genic qualities. No side effects have been identified at people of various ages. No valid effect of body weight, gender, genetic and other factors on the effect achieved has been identified.

Directions & Dosage:
Adults take 1 tablets twice a day with meals, chew and drink ½ – 1 glass of liquid.

Do not take with other medication. Recommended to take 1–2 hours before or after any medication.

The intake of biologically active food supplement ensures 145.0% (20.6mg) of the daily dose of iron which does not exceed the maximum consumption dose (45mg); 120.0% of mangan (2.4mg) which does not exceed the maximum consumption dose (11mg).

Duration of intake: 30 days.
Consult your doctor before taking the product.

Contra Indications (Precautions):
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before using this or any other supplement.

Do not use if you have gastric or duodenum ulcer.

Dosage & quantity:

  • Each tablet contains 0.5mg;
  • Net weight: 140g / 5oz;
  • Container size: 280 tablets.


  • Natural zeolite: 40.0%;
  • Rhizomata et Sanguisorba officinalis (Lat.): 30.0%;
  • Wheat bran – 15.0%;
  • Rye bran – 15.0%

In dry place under the temperature between -30ºC and +25ºC / -22ºF and +77ºF, away from children, in tightly sealed package.

Shelf life of the product: 3 years.

This product is not medication